Lizards with stubby limbs spreading the bad word.


Current status: Planning. On hold.
Estimated development time needed remaining: 18-36 months for base game


In Archolyte, you play as Manny, a servant of Satan who is tasked with raising an army for him. Compete against 12 other colorful followers to gain the most favor.
The name "Archolyte" is a mix of arch + acolyte and is the highest rank you can achieve in the game as a follower of the Dark One.


Archolyte was inspired by a hentai game of all things: Knights of Xentar. Archolyte will be a semi-passive RPG in which you support your group of three autonomous slaves as you rampage across levels, defeating enemies and capturing new slaves.
As support, Manny will be able to buff his slaves, pray for healing, or rain destruction upon his enemies.
You will be able to issue orders to slaves and give guidance as to how they should act. However, you will not be able to control them directly.
Archolyte also takes inspiration from collect-em-ups in that you can enslave any enemy you come across (except for bosses) and make them fight for you.
Slaves grow, level up, learn new abilities, and some can even receive dark blessings that improve their power (make them evolve).




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