What you need is a friend!

Friendlike: The Friendly Roguelike

Current status: Pre-production. On hold.
Estimated development time needed remaining: 6-12 months for infinite dungeon crawling, longer for scenario mode


Friendlike is a traditional Berlin Interpretation roguelike. It is directly inspired by and aims to be a balance between ADOM and Elona.
Elona+ casualized the experience of ADOM by making resources much more available and it added a lot of open-endedness, such as running your own farm or shop.
Friendlike aims to be ADOM as a baseline with some of Elona's abundance mindset mixed in to make for an easier and more fun experience.
I love both ADOM and Elona+ and want to make my own roguelike to reconcile the two, hence Friendlike. In making it, I'm discovering what it is I actually like and don't like about both games and am using that to guide my design decisions.

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