The bitch is (coming) back. Probably.

Millie Megavolte 8: Millie and the Mole King

Current status: Planning. On hold until Johnny Lionface is released for PC at least.
Estimated development time needed remaining: 4-8 months for base story mode, longer for expansions.

Story Blurb

Millie and her friends return in Millie Megavolte 8: Millie and the Mole King. About a year after the events of Zeran's Folly, Millie and Lance are sleeping in her home in Terna Village when moles attack. They raid the village, taking supplies, prisoners, and any chance of a good day for Millie. It seems the Mole King is gearing up for war and it's up to Millie to stop him--or at least shut him and the remaining villagers up.
Dive into the twisting mole tunnels beneath the surface and deliver justice as Millie, Lance, Anne, or even Kilzek.


Millie 8 will be a platformer like always with five stages of procedurally-generated levels. If you've played the Necro Pits minigame in Zeran's Folly, Millie 8 is exactly that but with lots of improvements to make it more fun and less stupid.
The first game mode is Story Mode which has fixed levels and locations. In it, you'll delve to the Mole King's lair and fight him--until things suddenly get a lot more complicated.
The next mode is Chaos Mode. It's similar in length to Story Mode but has random locations and levels and has a different final stage.
After that is Marathon Mode. Go through each and every locale until you've beaten them at least once, then defeat the final stage.
Finally there is Endless Mode, which is exactly what it sounds. Keep going until you can't.

Characters! Lots of them!

Four characters will be availabe to play at the start: Millie Megavolte, Lance LeTourre, Anne Abelle, and Kilzek Green. However, you can find and unlock many more characters in the mole tunnels. In addition to returning characters like Lydia Ratfoot, Ogg'sean, and Penelope Van Agren, there will be some new faces too, each with their own unique mechanics and move sets.
Zeran's Folly and Leowald had character/weapon switching but I'm not sure if Millie 8 will. Right now I'm planning on limiting it to one character only per run but there may be modes or options to bring a group of up to four to switch between. It just depends on what ends up being the most fun.

Potions! Drink, Drink, Drink!

Potions are one-use items with a range of effects from recovering health to increasing damage to making you go blind.
Potions drop from enemies and chests and can be bought in shops. Some characters can even make new potions from ones they don't want.
You don't have to use potions. In fact, unless you're feeling lucky or until you identify them, it's better that you don't! While there are lots of good potions, there are lots of bad ones too.

Not A Roguelite... Mostly

Designers think roguelites/likes have to be hard by necessity because... that's just the way things are done. Millie 8 does not share that mindset.
While Millie 8 has randomized levels and unID'd potions, the standard difficulty has multiple lives and is fairly forgiving of mistakes. If you are reasonably skilled at the game, you should be able to beat the standard difficulty at least 95% of the time.
The hardest difficulty will have permadeath and excruciating damage levels for autists and tryhards, if you're into that sort of thing.
There will be no meta progression unless you count unlocking additional characters. However, doing well in runs earns you currency you can use to buy cosmetics for your favorite characters. There will be no microtransactions--you'll have to EARN that thong bikini outfit for Millie.




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