The bitch is (coming) back. Probably.

Millie Megavolte 8: Millie and the Mole King

Current status: Pre-production. Currently rewriting the ZF/L engine.
Estimated development time needed remaining: 4-8 months for base story mode, longer for expansions.

Story Blurb

Millie and her friends return in Millie Megavolte 8: Millie and the Mole King. About a year after the events of Zeran's Folly, Millie and Lance are sleeping in her home in Terna Village when moles attack. They raid the village, taking supplies, prisoners, and any chance of a good day for Millie. It seems the Mole King is gearing up for war and it's up to Millie to stop him--or at least shut him and the remaining villagers up.
Dive into the twisting mole tunnels beneath the surface and deliver justice as Millie, Lance, Anne, or even Kilzek.


Millie 8 will be a platformer with several game modes.
Story Mode: Think Millie 7 with cutscenes between levels. Each character will have their own story. Levels are linear and will have a shuffled set of rooms from a bigger collection so each run is always different. This is a shorter game mode with five levels.
Adventure Mode: Like Story Mode but you can pick up to four characters to have on your team, there are nine random levels, and no cutscenes.
Deep Dive Mode: Deep Dive Mode will have open, explorable levels filled with treasure and upgrades. The goal is to reach the bottom floor and beat the final boss. If you're feeling brave, you can journey back to the surface under harsher circumstances for more rewards. Pick a team of four characters to bring with you. If all of your party members are defeated, you lose.
Grand Journey Mode Similar to Deep Dive Mode but with quests, towns, NPCs, and more. This will likely come much later in development.

Characters! Lots of them!

Three characters will be available to play at the start: Millie Megavolte, Lance LeTourre, and Anne Abelle. However, you can find and unlock many more characters in the mole tunnels. In addition to returning characters like Kilzek, Lydia Ratfoot, Ogg'sean, and Penelope Van Agren, there will be some new faces too, each with their own unique mechanics and move sets.


There will be a free version and a paid version. The free version will basically be a demo with the three main characters and Kilzek as an unlockable character. Only Story Mode will be playable.
The paid version will have more characters, outfits, game modes, levels, and more, all through continuous updates until I run out of ideas.




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